2 useful sales ideas from around the world

Even the most successful advisors appreciate the value of a good sales idea. These are a few favorites from MDRT members:

Spread the knowledge

Create a presentation on the recent updates in the insurance plans, pensions and taxes. Offer to speak free of charge to your local community, parents of kids from your child’s class or in the local community center — there are lots of opportunities. Hand out your business card or small gifts with contact info on them, and the clients will come to you.” — Ram Mischari, Oranit, Israel

Movie night

“Our local movie theater has been the venue for a great casual and friendly family event. We are able to rent out the entire theater for a fairly insignificant cost to invite our clients and their families and friends to catch a movie on us. You can provide a coupon for drinks and popcorn as well, and as the venue is solely for your own use, you can have a five- to fifteen-minute personal advertisement. As many of the new theaters have multiple screens at various sizes, you can rent the one that suits yours needs and size of the group. Many theaters will actually let you bring your own movie so that you can gear it specifically to the group that you want. An inexpensive and fun way to thank your clients and even prospect at the same time!” — Elizabeth Hesson, CLU, CFP, Midhurst, Ontario, Canada

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