3 effective sales ideas from around the world

Even the most successful advisors appreciate the value of a good sales idea. These are a few favorites from MDRT members:

Let’s do lunch
I invite clients who have referred me a client to a special referral lunch every two months. They then meet many other people like themselves who have been referred to me. The lunch is hosted by me with great food and wine — so they want to come again. And to be invited to the next lunch, they have to refer another client!” — Angus Donald McQueen, Dip CII, Dip PFS, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Make it personal
“Over the last few years, my firm has been using online webinar software to connect with our clients more frequently for investment reviews. Recently, to begin our web meetings, we started displaying photos of our advisors and staff during exciting life events (weddings, births, vacations, etc.). Unexpectedly, our clients have begun sending us pictures periodically to share their families and experiences. This small adjustment to our presentation method has further enhanced our firm’s image and motto of ‘Planning Made Personal.’” — William T. Spencer, CFP, AIF, Sudbury, Massachusetts

How baristas can help
“The local coffee shop is a place where people relax, chat with friends, access Wi-Fi, ponder their day’s work.  Without question, it’s a place where folks are open and receptive. This is what makes my sales approach effective. When I visit a coffee shop I know, I give $50 to the counterperson/barista and say:  ‘When someone you know is a businessperson (or someone who dresses for business) places an order, please point me out and tell him/her that the beverage is compliments of me. Use up $45 and keep $5 for yourself.” Then I have a seat, review emails, savor my coffee, catch up on busywork … and wait.  My experience has been that half of those I treat to a beverage come by to talk. And half of these become, at some level, clients. The investment of funds and time pays off. And it’s a great study in human behavior/response!” — Scott S. Paterick, CLU ChFC, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin

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