3 ideas for reaching more clients 

For reaching more clients and overcoming communication barriers, try these simple ideas from MDRT members: 

1) A good salesman

I like to start all my meetings by telling my clients I understand the preconceived outlook is that I am a salesman and they should be guarded. Then, I own it. I say, “You are right, I am a salesman, and a really good one at that. But let me explain why. I am a good salesman because I educate my clients to understand the products and concepts so well that they can make an educated decision in the best interest of their family. I will never push you. Is that fair?” 

Daniel C. Capurso, CLTC, Melville, New York

2) Break down the barrier

I have found traditional methods of communication are a barrier to engagement with clients. People receive too many emails each day, and sometimes they go straight to “junk.”

Recent studies indicate only 5% of people will answer their phone with a number they don’t recognize. And when people do answer the phone, they are often busy or not able to talk for long.

I have recently started sending personal video emails to clients, and also texting them when important things come up, such as policy renewals or when paperwork needs to be returned.

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By using a combination of video and text, client communication has improved dramatically. Clients really appreciate the personal touch. This, in turn, has led to a higher engagement across my millennial clients.

Steven Genoff, CFP, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

3) Better marketing

I use my relationships with marketing organizations and insurance companies to help with marketing expertise, material and expenses. Many of the affiliate companies offer tremendous value if you commit to work through their business.

This assistance can be in the form of free marketing materials, video and content production, discounted mailings, educational seminar material, technology discounts, etc.

It is a terrific way to maximize the value of the relationship and offload a lot of the time and expense to a qualified third party that comprehends the nuance of our industry.

Jean M. Mathieu, CLU, Manchester, New Hampshire

This was excerpted from the May/June 2020 Round the Table article, “Simple ideas for referrals, prospecting and client service. 



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