3 questions you should ask your clients

Toward the beginning of his 2015 MDRT Annual Meeting ConneXion Zone presentation, Seth Groff of Assurity Life cited Voltaire’s quote about judging people by their questions, not their answers.

If clients judged you as an advisor based on your questions, what would they say?

To help develop the way members communicate with clients and prospects, Groff recommended these three questions:

  1.       “What do you want to be true at the end of this experience?”

This question, Groff explained, helps ensure that both client and advisor are on the same page. After all, sometimes perception is relative, even when two people are looking at the same thing. That miscommunication is like trying to travel to the horizon — you can see it, but you don’t know how to get there.

  1.       “How would you design an elevator?”

No well-functioning elevator, Groff said, has only one cable connected to it. If it did, and that single cable broke, the entire elevator would break. Similarly, if a person’s progression toward their goals runs like an elevator and income is their only cable, what happens if they are disabled, critically ill or pass away? That’s why you ask this question and help clients understand the importance of creating additional cables through insurance.

  1.       “How do you like to be communicated with?”

In the course of online dating, Groff has received emails from women he has never met indicating that they prefer to text, not speak on the phone. They are indicating right off the bat how they like to communicate. Asking the above question helps you meet clients on their terms.

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