4 ways to live with intention

Do you want to squeeze the most you can out of your life? Then live your life with intention, says leadership expert and author John Maxwell.

Nothing worthwhile is easy, fast or automatic. It’s uphill, and the way to make that climb is by being intentional, Maxwell said at the opening of the 2018 MDRT Annual Meeting on Sunday, June 24, in Los Angeles, California.

“We all have high hopes for ourselves, but our bad habits keep us from living a life of intention,” Maxwell said to the audience of more than 13,000 financial advisors.

To go beyond leading a life of passive acceptance and little success, Maxwell offered these tips:

  1. Focus on your personal growth and development. “Grow today, and tomorrow gets better,” he said. And just because you get older, growth isn’t automatic. Create a personal growth plan for yourself, and make your personal development a conscious choice.
  2. Choose a good attitude. It’s easy to have a good attitude when things are going well. During times of adversity is when your bad attitude can show, he said. You have a choice about how you react.
  3. Develop as a leader. “How well you lead determines how successful you’ll be,” Maxwell said. He calls this the Law of the Lid. It works by putting a “lid” or cap on your business that’s directly tied to your leadership ability. For example, if you’re a five as a leader, then your business will only be a four.
  4. Create significance in your life. Do more for others and create value for them.

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