5 questions to qualify your prospect

Not everyone can be turned from a suspect to a prospect, and that’s fine. It’s important to find out, though, early in the process. There are five facts you need to know before you qualify someone as your prospect.

  1. What are their hot-button issues? You could ask, “If something happens to you right now, what would be the one thing that worries you the most?” That will help you identify their hot buttons.
  2. Do they have needs? You can ask, “How important is it to you that you maintain the same standard of living in your retirement years?”
  3. Do they have the means? You could ask, “What is the maximum amount you will set aside every month to address these needs?”
  4. Are they the decision makers? You could ask, “Is there anybody else you consult for making financial decisions, or are you able to make them independently?”
  5. What could be stopping them, if anything? You could ask, “If my recommendation meets your needs and fits your budget, what is one thing that will stop you from going ahead with it?”

Zinc Goh Zhi Yin, of Singapore, is a four-year MDRT member. Find out more in her video, “How to handle objections. (MDRT member exclusive)

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