6 items for your not-to-do list

You may regularly make a to-do list, but how often do you make a not-to-do list?

Denny Kern Heath, an 11-year MDRT member from Kingston, Jamaica, recommends this tactic as an unconventional means of pushing yourself toward exceeding expectations. Here are six items he suggests including:

  1. Do not allow the prospect to lead your interview — this results in you being interviewed instead.
  2. Do not ask too many situational questions in an interview.
  3. Do not allow yourself to think that the client cannot afford more insurance.
  4. Do not believe you will offend the prospect if you call them on the phone.
  5. Do not buy into the belief that the client cannot afford the premium.
  6. Do not withhold pertinent information, regardless of how unsavory it may be.


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