6 mindsets to breathe oxygen, or action, into teams

If you’re experiencing a lack of energy, passion or hope for the road ahead, it may be the air you’re breathing. And all of us could use a deep breath.

Breathing is “the process of moving air into and out of the lungs … mostly to bring oxygen in and flush out carbon dioxide.” The leader’s role in teams and organizations is to breathe oxygen into their people with mindsets and actions that fuel energy, possibility, connection and progress while flushing out negativity, blame and toxins.

The best leaders understand their role is to help breathe oxygen into their teams. It gives energy, hope and life so that all are able to thrive in a complex environment. These leaders and cultures are intentionally inhaling and exhaling with their people. The air they breathe and the mindsets they bring to stimulate action is everything.

6 mindsets to breathe oxygen into your teams and work culture

1. Clarity. Vision plus direction is air we all need to breathe. It’s important the following are clear to you and your team:

  • Mission
  • Vision
  • Values
  • Strategy for priorities

If these are not clear, your team may be gasping for air. Every time you breathe oxygen into these mindsets and concepts as a team, the air is easier for all to breathe. The path forward becomes clearer. Your team may not have all the answers, but they’ll have energy and clear direction on how to take the next step.

2. Inclusivity. Leaders in the world play an enormous role in widening the circle so that more diverse backgrounds, ideas, perspectives and experiences have a seat at the table. Teams and organizations will lead the way forward in society by modeling how to have civil, respectful dialogue and educate people on the strengths of diversity, equity and inclusion. When our teams are inclusive and welcoming, it breathes life and energy into all. We’re stronger together.

3. Agility. Possibility plus adaptability is the name of the game in a changing world. Leaders have to practice breathing oxygen that allows their mind to find new ways of doing things and the courage to adapt to opportunities that emerge. If leaders return to the “this is the way we’ve always done it” mindset, then they will sit back and watch the oxygen (and their people) leave the room.

4. Grit. Resolve plus toughness is critical to help people navigate their way through obstacles, challenges, negativity, finger-pointing and division. Leaders help their people breathe oxygen that stays focused on the present moment and the actions that are needed to take the next step. Toughness isn’t about being physically stronger than others; it is about being vulnerable with your team and still having the resolve to find solutions together.

5. Rest. Teams and organizations have an unhealthy association with the concept of rest. Americans last year left 768 million days of vacation on the table with their employers. That equates to nearly $66 billion of lost benefits. We’ve forgotten that research actually shows that deliberate rest is essential to elite performance. When we allow our bodies, minds and hearts to deliberately rest, we breathe more efficiently and are better at everything else.

6. Ownership. Accountability plus action are mindsets and oxygen that the best leaders and team cultures on the planet breathe. They connect the things they say they will do with positive accountability and action. Accountability isn’t a negative word; it’s a positive mantra that all take ownership of. In a world where people are quick to gossip and criticize what isn’t working, the best leaders breathe oxygen into their people and shift conversations from blame to solutions.

The best cultures proactively help their people breathe and navigate through obstacles, together. They intentionally choose to inhale positivity and the six mindsets above and exhale negativity, blame, gossip and division. The air they breathe dictates the quality of air for all. The ecosystem of their culture is grown, developed, cultivated and led with intentionality, one breath at a time.

The process for developing high-performing and engaged teams never stops and the best leaders, teams and organizations are committed to breathing oxygen in how they hire, onboard, do performance evaluations, develop emerging leaders and recognize excellence. The best leaders invest in their teams and the air they breathe, together.

Jason V. Barger is an author as well as the host of The Thermostat podcast. Learn more at JasonVBarger.com.

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