6 ways to ask for the sale

Many agents and advisors cringe when it’s time to close with a prospect. They wish the prospect would say: “I’m convinced. Where do I sign?” Life doesn’t work that way. Here are a few expressions I’ve learned from agents and advisors that could be easy and comfortable ways for you to ask a prospect to sign and close the deal:

1. Are you ready to address the issues?

2. Are you comfortable enough with the recommendations to proceed?

3. What do you think? Can we proceed with the plan?

4. Can I have your business?

5. Can you see yourself benefiting from the strategy?

6. I want to work for you. I need the go-ahead from you. Are you ready to give me the go-ahead?

You will see several common elements in each example:

1. Each question includes the word “you.” It’s all about the client.

2. They’re all questions. This means they need an answer.

3. They are closed-ended questions. You are expecting a “yes” or “no.”

4. The uncomfortable answer is “No.” Try reading each one aloud and saying “No.” How does it feel?

You’ve gotten agreement, but the job isn’t over yet. You need to read back exactly what they have agreed to do, better known as “reading back the order.” They need to sign papers. Move money. You know how to help them with those steps, though. 

Bryce Sanders is president of Perceptive Business Solutions Inc. His book, Captivating the Wealthy Investor, can be found on Amazon.

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