7 marketing ideas to increase business

Interested in growing your business by up to 30%? Create a marketing plan that motivates clients, professional advisors and prospective clients to seek your services as well as send you referrals, said MDRT member J. Leland Davis, LUTCF.

 Try these marketing ideas to increase business

1)      Submit four to six articles a year to industry trade publications. Use the reprints to create stand-out marketing materials, including your website. From Davis, of Greenwood Village, Colorado. Download “How to create an effective marketing plan.”

2)      Pay attention to details, such as answering the phone by the second ring and knowing how clients like their coffee. From Marc A Silverman, CFP, ChFC, of Miami, Florida. Watch the video “Build a lasting business: Inside high-performing offices” (video)

3)      Create a quarterly newsletter for clients and prospective clients. From Chan Hyun Baek, of Seoul, Republic of Korea.

4)      Send clients birthday cards in a handwritten envelope, with special additions for milestone birthdays. From Robert N. Garneau, CLU, ChFC, of Bedford, New Hampshire.

5)      Find out what your clients like — whether it’s golf, movies, and so forth. Personalize marketing with the information. From Scott D. Edelman, of Yardley, Pennsylvania.

6)      Look at people or businesses who you buy from regularly, such as your dry cleaner or auto dealer, and invite them to lunch. Don’t make it into a sales pitch, but get to know them. Your conversation may naturally lead to things in the financial world they’re interested in. From Shannon J. Mattix, LUTCF, RFC, Monticello, Indiana.

7)      Give back to the community. Find an organization you care about, get involved, slowly build relationships and trust and tell your story. From Helen A. Jenkins, Dip PFS, of Cardiff, Wales. Watch the video “New ways of networking.”

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