Is it still appropriate to prospect?

Everyone is still working from home. You need to keep the pipeline filled. Some people might wonder: “Can I still cold call?” In places like New York, the answer is simple. Telemarketing is unlawful during the state of emergency. Calling clients is OK. Calling others is not. Besides, you know the feeling when you rush to the phone only to hear: “This is an apology call from your electric company …” You don’t want to create bad will, but you want to line up business. What might be appropriate?

Here are five ideas to keep you top of mind for your clients and to help you find new clients. Of course, check with your compliance person as appropriate.

1. Your e-newsletter. Clients and prospects are signed up or have given permission to receive it. Your firm likely has plenty of approved content concerning the pandemic, the economy, insurance and practical lifestyle advice. Maybe you increase the frequency a bit. Ideally, clients and prospects get motivated to call and ask questions about something they read.

2. Aged leads. Everyone has them. Years ago they were in a drawer. Today, they might live inside an online folder. They are also on your mailing lists for previous campaigns. You were sure they were interested, but something happened. Tee this up for when you’re able to meet with clients.

3. LinkedIn. Here’s one of my favorites. You have a decent number of first-level connections. You want more at a certain company. Do some scans. Look for second-level connections, meaning you and they know some of the same people. Compose a personalized invitation to each, referencing “knowing XX of the same people.” They might phone a friend, asking about you, or just assume you are a good person. Think about friends and prospects who aren’t connections. Send invites to them too.

4. Letters. Sometimes an idea is in favor, then overused, then out of favor. That might describe email — you get so many! But take it a step further: It’s so “out” it’s now “in.” Whiskey is a good example. People used to drink it. Then they switched to wine. Then it became trendy again. It was rediscovered. How about doing a mailing? Let’s assume you have the necessary supplies and your office is OK with the idea. People are stuck at home. They have time to read. They are looking for something to do.

Bryce Sanders

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5. Calling friends. You can’t cold call. You can phone friends to see how they are coping. Are they healthy? Do they need anything? Pull out your Christmas card list if you have one. They will likely ask “What are you doing?” You explain “I brought the office home with me.” You are checking in with all your clients. You felt you needed a break, which is why you are calling them.

There are tactful ways you can connect with people and raise your visibility. Just stay within the rules.

Bryce Sanders is the author of “Captivating the Wealthy Investor,” which can be found on Amazon.


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