Finding your way back from a career slump

Sometimes during your career as a financial advisor, you may feel like you’re struggling, and working harder isn’t getting you anywhere but more frustrated and tired. When this happens, my advice is to take a day off, sit down and don’t think about anything. This is your time to disconnect and hit the reset button.

This gives you space to think about what’s at the root of your challenges as well as to think back to why you wanted to be a financial advisor. Then determine if you’re still aligned with what’s important to you when you talk to your clients. Because if there’s a misalignment with your values, it transfers to the client and there’s friction. It doesn’t work. So, sit down and ask yourself, Why am I doing this?

Find your why and a mentor

If you’re still not sure why you’re doing this, try reading the book, “Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action,” by Simon Sinek. It’s a great book to help you think about your purpose and goals.

Finding a mentor is also helpful. Sometimes others can see what you may be too close to see in yourself. You can find a mentor through MDRT. You also can go to another advisor who you admire and who you think is going to be resourceful. If you’re not at MDRT production levels, another option could be to join the MDRT Academy, an association created by MDRT as a fast track to premier status.

Once you figure out what the issue is, reevaluate whether an option would be to work with someone else temporarily. Figure out what you’re really good at, and then partner with another advisor.

Invest in yourself

You must invest in yourself professionally. A great investment to get past a career slump and on to the next level is a coach. I’m a big believer in coaches, but not the coaches who just cheer you — the ones who challenge you and call you out.

When you’re caught up in the day-to-day details of being a financial advisor, you can lose sight of what’s meaningful to you and how you can impact others. Taking a step back and getting insight from others can get you back on track to a more successful and fulfilling career.

Elke Rubach is seven-year MDRT member from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. You can see more from her in the video, “How to get back on course.”

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