The long-term benefit of distinguishing active businesses from inactive businesses

I personally think there are two kinds of businesses: one that is active right now, the other that is not active right now. So I have made a list of such businesses which are active. I mean, essential services, doctors, people in the medical industry, people who are selling thermometers, people who are selling masks. So I made a small list of where people’s systems are still on. People into the food grain business, their business is doing superbly well. They are minting money right now because that is the only thing that is moving on. So these are the two kinds of lists. The other one is like the tourism industry or for small businesses who don’t have the access to go to their offices.

When people come back to their work, the first thing that they will lack is money. What I’m trying to do with my office right now is update them by making a list, and I’m making data of clients who are investors with us. So I’ll be making loans available for them from the insurance company. We are not talking to the clients about making the loans available right now, but we are preparing with it, compiling the entire data with the company that whatever amount is available. People will need money, and we should be the first to give them back. I personally think this will help them.

Anant Jain, AFP, CFP, is a 10-year MDRT member from Jharkhand, India. Hear more in the MDRT Podcast:

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