The benefits of asking staff ‘What do you like least about your job?’

We had hired a new receptionist a couple of months ago, and it didn’t work out. She wasn’t cut out for office work, and we had to let her go. After we posted that job and interviewed several people, we found one person who had a lot of experience in our business and would have been a really good candidate for a different position in our office that really wasn’t open. After that interview was over, we had a meeting with all the staff and I asked the person that’s in that position now, “What’s your least favorite thing about your job?” and she told me. 

It was about half of what she’s doing right now, which that other person was very qualified to do. And she said, “I really think I’m a better fit for the other position that’s open, even though it’s completely different.” 

Just the simple question of, “What do you like least about your job?” really opened that conversation up. We would’ve filled that other position, and that person would have left after being miserable for the next two years doing what she didn’t like. Asking those questions of your staff is important because it helps guide you when filling open positions in your office.  

Matthew Richard Duffy, FSS, LUTCF, is a seven-year MDRT member from Murphysboro, Illinois, USA. Hear more in the MDRT Podcast: 


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