Body language red flags and tells

In body language, the more red flags (sometimes called “tells”) you are able to spot, the more conclusive the readings are. Here is a list of red flags that you might like to take note of when you are speaking to an individual:

Body signals

    • Not maintaining eye contact
    • Contracted pupils
    • Fewer body movements or more body movements
    • More self-touching
    • Perspiration
    • Flushed cheeks (when the conversation doesn’t warrant it)
    • Increased blinking
    • Hands to mouth, covering it or wiping/rubbing it
    • Fingernail biting
    • Fake cough
    • Nose rub
    • Eye rubbing or pretending something is in the eye
    • Increased swallowing
    • Unnecessary facial touching

During a conversation, when someone does one or more of the above signals during the stressful part of the conversation, it can be construed as a red flag. An example of a stressful conversation is when you ask your prospect probing questions such as, “Are you a smoker?” or “Do you have an existing illness?” He may display a nose rub or bite his nails or stop eye contact. This may mean that he is uncomfortable or has something to hide.

In such an instance, we will take note of the probing question that made him uneasy, and we will return to the question a little later just to confirm the hunch.

So, when you return to the same question and you see some similar nervous gesture, you can conclude that the person is being apprehensive over that subject.

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