How to appropriately bring up what you do in a social setting 

If I’m at a social gathering, I’m never going to bring our products or services into that conversation. But if somebody mentions investments or insurance or anything like that, if they even hint at opening that door, I’m going to jump on them like a tiger. But I do that with a story. Every single time. I don’t ever say, “Come in, and let’s talk.” If somebody says, “Did you guys see what Tesla stock did this week?” or something like that, then I’m jumping into that conversation and saying, “Man, I had a client in last week, and they bought some Tesla.” Or whatever. And I make sure they know that I’m active and engaged in that, whatever it is they’re talking about.  

And I’m really, really good at that. I spend a lot of time at the golf course, at the country club, and if somebody talks about the bank or a CD, I’ll say, “Man, I had a client that was getting 0.8 on a CD, and we showed them how he could get 3.5.” Or whatever it might be. I feel like that’s one of the strongest parts of my personality.  

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