The keys to connecting with prospects and clients

You can’t connect with prospects or clients if they’re not focused on what you’re saying. You can capture your audience’s attention, though, whether it’s in a client meeting or in front of a crowd of thousands, with these simple tips.

The power of stories

Use stories as opposed to statistics whenever possible. Substitute statistics for stories about people because stories are sticky. They appeal to the heart. The head makes you think. Your heart is where you connect.

Focus on your outcome

I call this KFD. “K” stands for what you want people to know. “F” stands for what you want people to feel and “D” stands for what you want people to do. So, it’s what I want people to know, what I want people to feel and what I want people to do. That’s your outcome.

Follow these tips and you’re well on your way to grabbing your listener’s attention.

Excerpted from his 2009 MDRT Annual Meeting presentation “One of those days.” Ed Tate is a trainer, author and speaker.

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