How online content connects with prospects even when you’re on vacation

Compelling online content connects with prospects and clients 24 hours a day and works for me — even when I’m on vacation. Once you have engaging content, you need to know how to leverage it though. 

What I do is post a lot of educational information online. After years of doing this, my content now shows up in free, or organic, Google searches. In addition, I pay for social media ads, such as on Facebook, to direct traffic to the content on my website.

Information before meeting

Whenever someone contacts me, I send them links to several articles or videos that match their interests. I also invite prospects and clients to sign up for a member’s website. I have prominently placed a link on the webpage so people can subscribe via a form for updates, reports and other content. Often, this information answers their questions so they don’t need to meet with me, which is a timesaver for both me and the clients.

There is so much content for people to read when they go to the site and sign in. They’ll find information and education about a range of different topics, sometimes not even connected to insurance or financial services.

Ready to help

In the marketplace, I put what is available this month for investments or what kind of insurance they can buy from me. I don’t sell them anything, and I don’t ask them to buy. I simply keep posting information. I’m ready for them whenever they’re ready.

Some of my clients are ready to take action the very next day. Sometimes they need more time — months or even years. Since I don’t need to talk to most of them and I keep posting new information online, it doesn’t matter how many people read what’s online or for how long. It’s the same amount of work to post the content online.

Some of my clients need to talk with me and ask questions. If their questions are about something I don’t already have online, I update my information so everyone can read it. This can then help others who have the same questions, and it reduces my client meetings.

It takes time to build up business through marketing like this. Once you do, though, it keeps a steady stream of business flowing to you without you having to make any calls — or even be in the office.

Remigiusz Stanislawek, a Top of the Table member, is a 10-year MDRT member from Poznan, Poland.

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