How to create more referrals

If you would like to find all the new clients you need to grow your business, build a referral system with repeatable processes.

There are several ways to find new clients for which you can create a system, or process. One part of my process involves working with existing clients for referrals. The way I do this is to ask a favorite client to meet me for coffee or lunch. When I meet with them in this informal setting, I ask them their view about how they like my work.

This is how it goes: “Dear Ms. Client, you are a very important person and client for me, and I would like to ask for your help. What do you like about my work? Is there anything you recommend I change?”

Kiraly video

For three more ways to find clients through her referral system, watch Király ‘s video “4 ways to find more clients.

Since people like sharing their opinions, they will be flattered and offer their views. Once they do, you can go on and say the following: “Thank you for sharing your insights. In the future, I would love to only work with clients like you. Who are the two or three people you know who are like you, and is there a way I could meet them?”

I hope this idea grows your business with more clients you enjoy working with.

Márta Borbála Király, of Gyor, Hungary, is a seven-year MDRT member and a Top of the Table member.

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