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Joyce Wu and her daughter Janiece

Wu and her daughter Janiece

If you want to be successful, notice what’s happening around you. That’s the advice of Wu Shuk Ping Joyce, an MDRT member from Hong Kong, China, who observes changes around the financial planning world to get ready for it. “There are a lot of regulation changes happening in Hong Kong, but if I can see what’s happening in the industry in North America and Europe, I can prepare myself,” she said.

What’s happening in your own region and in your own life also can guide you toward making changes that will help you thrive professionally, as Wu found out.

The need to protect income

In 2010, when Wu was 37 weeks pregnant with her second baby, she was racing to meet a client when she tripped on the stairs and fell. She made the client meeting but later went to the hospital. Wu had broken her ankle as well as fallen on her abdomen. As a result, her pregnancy was at risk, and doctors ordered her to stay in the hospital for bedrest.

While in the hospital, she realized how important it is to protect income and maintain your dignity when you can’t work due to a medical condition. After two weeks, she had a healthy baby girl named Janiece, which means “the gift from God.” The reality of how suddenly an unexpected medical condition can strike was not something Wu forgot; instead, it led her to specialize in medical protection products.

Facing change

As medical care improved and smoking rates declined in Hong Kong, life expectancy rates shot up. The region now has one of the world’s highest life expectancy rates: almost 88 years for women. This created a need for critical illness protection plans, and it became another area of specialty for Wu.

“If you see a need or change in the industry, it’s important to prepare for it. You must learn about it, face it and get ready for the change,” Wu, is a Top of the Table qualifier.

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