Does your practice have a mascot?

Four years ago, Brian Haney, CFS, CLTC, was thinking about how his company (founded with his father and in which his younger brother is also a partner) was branded. The family of dog lovers determined that a bulldog logo would help communicate to clients why they do what they do.

“Bulldogs are extremely loyal, very attentive and very caring,” said the 10-year MDRT member from Silver Spring, Maryland. “It creates a conversation about why this represents our brand and opportunities to utilize this in certain print materials and in our unique capability statement.”

It also speaks to Haney’s efforts to distinguish the practice (which does most of its business with affluent families in the association market) in the digital space. When he began an independent practice after five years in banking, he recognized the importance of establishing a digital presence that didn’t rely on a larger company — so that clients buy the advisor, not just the company.

That means an independently designed website, rather than one connected to an advisor’s parent company. For Haney that also extends to using micro websites to reach specific markets. So he bought several domain names (including, and that his team is building into an extensive digital “net” to capture more opportunities. These sites, intended to be SEO friendly and built with the audience in mind, are planned to be fully launched in early 2020.

These aren’t the only ways Haney uses technological savvy to connect with clients. He has seen a lot of success through podcasts and videos as well. Read more in the Round the Table article “Marketing your expertise.”

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