10 things you can do when you don’t feel like working

There are days when your “Get up and go” just “Got up and went.” Every day has the potential to be the best day of your career. As an MDRT member, you’ve had some really great days. Try these 10 things to turn your focus up to high and transform blah days to productive days: 

1. Long-term prospects. Everyone has them. They were interested in something. The time wasn’t right. Dig them out. Refresh your memory. 

2. Money coming due. You know clients and prospects who own CDs and treasuries. When do they mature? They will want to put that money back to work. You want to talk a couple of weeks in advance.

3. Schedule policy reviews. Working with an agent means they should get service. Do you try and talk with every client at least once a year? Something may have changed in their lives.

4. Which clients haven’t you talked with lately? Some people fall through the cracks. They might be reassigned accounts. Quiet people. Everyone deserves some attention. You might think of them as a warm lead. Get to know them better. There might be other business.

5. Who is having a birthday or anniversary? This should be easy to research on your CRM system. You should have cards on hand, organized by life event. Write a nice message, handwrite the envelope and put a real stamp on it.

6. What’s going on in your family? Some family members might not be clients! It happens. Maybe they live at a distance and you don’t see them often. Figure out who is celebrating birthdays and anniversaries. Send them cards too. It keeps your name in front of them.

7. How can I get CE credits today? You need them. It’s a chore. There are lots available online. It’s a requirement you need to fulfill. Why not today?

8. Send out LinkedIn invitations to connect. Focus on building your network. Add people with the potential of doing business. You have lots of silos and circles in your life. You might focus on certain professions or companies as your niche market. Send out some personalized invitations. (Your firm has rules. Follow them.)

9. Get caught up on LinkedIn messages and notifications. It’s easy to fall behind. LinkedIn prompts you with birthdays, work anniversaries and promotions. LinkedIn makes it easy to reply: “Thanks.” That initial exchange could get a conversation going. (Your firm has rules. See above.)

Bryce Sanders

See more from Bryce Sanders in the video, “Turn clients into friends.”

10. Social media. Who is getting married, having children or retiring? You are active on Facebook and other channels. People announce engagements, births and other life events. See what’s going on. You know these people. There’s business potential.

These projects allow you to build a list and assign yourself tasks for the next month. Each day will have its own “to do” list.

Bryce Sanders is president of Perceptive Business Solutions Inc. His book, Captivating the Wealthy Investor, can be found on Amazon.

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