5 favorite ideas from the Annual Meeting

Try these ideas from the 2022 MDRT Annual Meeting speakers about referrals, communications and marketing.

1) Give the referral process a push
One of the reasons good clients don’t give referrals is they don’t know what we’re looking for. If we don’t know, how can they know? I started networking myself by telling 10 to 20 of my best clients exactly what kind of prospect I was looking for from their personal networks. Before prospecting, identify what your ideal client looks like in detail. Once your ideal client profile is broken down into the smallest particulars, prospecting will become much easier.
Marta Borbala Kiraly, Gyor, Hungary, six-year MDRT member

2) The two-seminar strategy
I host two types of seminars. One gathering is a two-hour weekday meeting for business owners, doctors and lawyers. The other is a lunchtime seminar on the weekend for clients to bring their family and friends. During the seminar with professionals, I ask attendees to exchange business cards and talk about what they do so they become more comfortable with each other. In the weekend seminar, I ask clients to give testimonials about our services for their guests to hear. Both sessions aim to educate about the value and benefits of financial and tax planning, but no selling occurs. I don’t want attendees to feel pushed to buy. Rather, I follow up later for feedback and ask if they need more information. About 75% of attendees and clients buy something within two weeks of every seminar I do.
Pornprapa Sukreepirom, MBA, Bangkok, Thailand, 14-year MDRT member

3) What a story is not
Storytelling can illustrate value and what you have to offer. However, a story is not compelling data. I often see leaders point to the data during a presentation and say, “As you can see, the numbers speak for themselves.” Numbers cannot speak. You must speak for them. Behind each number is a human, and with each human is a story. The most important data you are tasked to deliver should always come with a story that brings that data to life.
—Kindra Hall, author, strategist and storyteller

4) A script for client reviews
During review interviews, I always remind my clients “You said this during our previous meeting. Do you feel the same now?” This question helps clients remember why they purchased their plan and consider adding additional coverage, particularly if a close friend or relative has been diagnosed recently with a serious disease. Repeating what the client said from the last review shows that I was listening to them. You will have to keep a good record of the interview to do this.
Takahisa Kawanishi, Tokyo, Japan, 18-year MDRT member

5) Harnessing the power of social media
I never imagined that social media would account for nearly half of my annual business. I’ve had numerous walk-in clients who are ready to invest their trust in me even before we meet in person. Using a combination of social media sites is encouraged but start with the one you are most comfortable with. Remember, people want to see authenticity, so what you say matters more than how it looks. The beginning is always the hardest. Get your first piece of content out, and you’ll definitely gain momentum as time passes. Building your presence may not be an overnight affair; however, with enough consistency, it will be a sustainable and lasting tool as you build and scale your business.
Candice Ong, Singapore, 4-year MDRT member

These were excerpted from “23 ideas presented at the Annual Meeting about communicating, mentoring, marketing, referrals and work-life balance” in the July/August 2022 Round the Table.

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