Generate introductions with client report cards

Like many financial advisors, we want clients who will show behaviors that make them easy to work for and help us serve them better. We also want those clients to introduce us to more people like themselves. To do this, as part of our internal marketing plan, we create report cards with our clients in six critical areas on a scale of 1 to 5.

The areas we assess our clients:

  • Capacity and willingness to refer or introduce us to others
  • Respect our services and make meetings a priority
  • Use and appreciate our advice and act on it
  • Growth capacity and a majority of assets with us
  • Assets under management

We show the clients their report card during their annual review meeting. We then ask them to grade us in four areas that mean a lot to them.

The areas clients assess us:

  • Showing up on time and prepared to answer their questions/make suggestions
  • Do what we say we will do
  • Finish any work that we do for them
  • Show gratitude for the relationship

This often leads to a “love fest” of mutual admiration and is a natural lead in to:

  • Who else would appreciate this level of service and care?
  • Who can we help get better organized like this?
  • Who would you want to meet us and experience this level of personal attention?

This is an attractive feedback loop that keeps us growing with a flow of new prospects who have the same qualities we’re looking for in our client base.

Thomas Levasseur is a 35-year MDRT member from Dover, New Hampshire, USA. He’s also a Court of the Table member.

A sample report card template Tom Levasseur uses with clients.

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