2 tips to get to the Top and stay there

It’s one thing to succeed; it’s another to maintain that success and produce at Top of the Table levels year after year. These are the first of many steps to aid along that path:

  1. Adopt a mentor. I was very lucky because I had a built-in mentor: my dad, Al G. Brown. He was a member of MDRT for decades. He taught me to be honest; to have integrity, empathy and respect; to build a reputation; to always increase your knowledge and to be a trusted member of your community. Unfortunately, my dad passed away three years ago. However, my family and I and our entire firm still follow these important traits he left with us.
  2. Hire a coach. We all know what we are doing. However, in many cases, we need someone to help direct us. I have used the same coach for more than 30 years. I meet with him every 90 days, together with other entrepreneurs from all around the world, to talk about issues that are familiar and similar, regardless of the type of business or occupation we are in. The coach has taught me to be focused, to identify what I do better than others, to have confidence in my ability to help people, to be an entrepreneur, to be accountable, to believe that I am not alone, that we need to work in a team and to always be professional.

David William Brown, CLU, CH.F.C., was a 39-year MDRT member with 30 Top of the Table qualifications from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Hear 19 more tips in MDRT Presents:

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