Become a go-to advisor with webinars

Early this year, when the world was changing quickly for all of us, we debuted a weekly webinar series that assisted our business-owner clients in their time of need and positioned us in front of prospective clients. 

Hosting a webinar with impact

Our clients needed information quickly to implement the state and federal relief programs relevant to their businesses. We assembled a team of experts, including an employment law attorney, an HR consultant, a CPA and a wellness director. We launched the webinar called “Tuesdays at 2” and invited HR professionals and business owners to attend weekly for timely, accurate updates. We had gone from idea to launch in just three days, and we had hundreds of people in attendance that first Tuesday at 2 p.m. 

In the weeks following, we continued to have dozens of attendees each week. The webinars allow us to hold Q&A’s among all of our clients and top prospects, which actually saved us hundreds of hours of answering the same questions over and over throughout the week. And we still provided critical information instantly to those who wanted it. 

Some of the most pressing questions were about the complex federal relief programs enacted, such as the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act; the Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act (PPPFA); changes to unemployment; and the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA). I became the “go-to” trusted advisor for clients because my webinars provided the experts and answers they needed. If I didn’t know the answers to their questions, I researched and found the answers within my network of experts. 

Assistance beyond webinars

One client had an employee that seemed to be on the verge of having a legal dispute with their business. We conference called with the owner, employee, myself and our legal team. We found common ground and rectified the situation.  

I also had multiple business-owner clients who were prepared to do massive layoffs or fire a number of employees because they were so scared of the pandemic and what it would do to them financially. My webinars provided follow-up information on different state and federal funding available as well as other options to help their business. The majority of them didn’t need massive layoffs after all.

It’s so easy as a business owner to curl up in a ball and not spend money to continue to grow the business. If, however, you don’t reinvest in your employees and your business — even during tough times — you just won’t grow. 

Anthony Goebel, of Eldorado, Wisconsin, is a Top of the Table qualifier who has been an MDRT member since 2012.

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