Innovative ideas for harnessing the power of social media

While there’s nothing comical for financial advisors about attracting prospects, you can use comic books to capture their attention on social media.

A sample from one of the comics Glen Winata uses on Instagram to explain insurance and related concepts.

As part of a social media marketing strategy, 10-year MDRT member Glen Alexander Winata, of Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia, hired an illustrator to create several comic books to easily explain insurance and financial products to prospects. He shares sections of these comic books on social media platforms such as Instagram to encourage people to contact him.

Posting content to social media is also mandatory in Winata’s agency to make sure there’s good online exposure. After all, in his agency social media plays a large role in finding clients.

Events and social media influencers

While comic books are one way to connect with prospects, social media offers several more. Winata connects with social media influencers who have about 50,000 to 100,000 followers and who create content about investing as well as about some of the principles shared in MDRT’s Whole Person concept, such as health, relationships, spirituality, education, service and career. “The content is not only about insurance, but we also talk about life,” Winata said.

Winata then organizes collaborative events with the influencers, which can include financial seminars that are online or in person and can last anywhere from one hour to three days. At a recent one-hour talk-show-style event that Winata’s agency held, more than 200 people attended, including social media influencers. Attendees paid $8 per ticket, which they purchased online. At the event, it’s all about the content. Food isn’t provided. The last session was called “Disrupting the giant,” which was about the importance of insurance and insurance agents.

“The unique thing about this event is we did not mention which company we affiliate with,” Winata said, explaining that in Indonesia, one agency can only affiliate with one company. “In that session, we only talked about the overall insurance industry and our idea to change the insurance industry to make it better. At the end of the session, we tell them if they want to know more about our agency and who we are, then they can come to our office and talk more,” said Winata. And prospects often do just that, he said.  

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