Help clients protect themselves from risk

It’s safe to say that motocross athletes are in control of their fear. But Tiago De Castro Barbosa Melo, an 11-year MDRT member from Belo Horizonte, Brazil, worried that a client in that line of work was underinsured due to the dangerous nature of his profession.

“I proposed increasing his insurance to maintain at least 10 years of income in case of an accident that prevented him from working. The client reluctantly agreed and understood that he needed more insurance,” he said.

Two years later, the client suffered an accident that damaged his spine and resulted in tetraplegia (often known as quadriplegia), paralyzing movement in his arms and legs.

“For a month, he was between life and death, and I tried to help his family in any way,” Melo said. “Because of my effort, I have the tranquility within my heart that the benefit that we would pay for this client would be enough to take care of his new physical condition and the most important thing, which was to provide his newborn son the future that his parents wished for him.

“From this experience, I understood the main point of our mission, the real meaning and importance of bringing clients the correct financial and insurance protection. Currently, this client is going through the recovery process and has regained part of his movement due to excellent medical care, physical therapy and having the peace of mind to continue with life knowing that his greatest asset, his family, is protected.”

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