The high impact of client care packages

“You can’t play small with your decisions and big with your income,” said MDRT member Michael Morrow, CFP.

He believes that through thoughtful gift-giving to clients, you demonstrate attention to detail — and that you value your relationships. Once or twice a year, he gives care packages to his best clients. “All MDRT members give advice and expertise. We want to show that we genuinely care,” Morrow explained in his 2020 MDRT Annual Meeting and Global Conference Virtual Event presentation.

His recent care packages included hand sanitizer produced by a local brewery, which came in a pump bottle with his company’s logo. In addition, the package had a pen from his company, sudoku and crossword puzzles, a 52-week calendar and face masks. For sustenance, he includes wine and preserves in some of the care packages.

Other care packages might include a copy of his book, garden seeds and local cheeses. “We have a collection of client care packages at our office all the time,” said Morrow, who’s from Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.  

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