Connecting current challenges to the importance of planning and protecting

I’m not in property and casualty, but I thought about how many businesses out there had business interruption insurance. Because it’s often talked about, but it’s kind of like that sewer backup insurance you can get on your homeowners where you really only think about it when you’ve got this big problem in your lower level now, and for $5.80 a month, they would have covered it. But you didn’t have the coverage. Business interruption is a great opportunity for the people in the life insurance business because we can cover these issues, particularly end-of-life issues that people are having which can result in huge medical bills.

It’s not about your probability of dying. It’s about the consequences for your family if you don’t plan. You wouldn’t get in the car with an infant and not strap them in a car seat. Not because you hope you never get in an accident. Because if you do, you’ll protect the life of that infant, and you don’t know what’s coming. It reminds me of the woman after 9/11. It was in the heat of the battle. They were smoking the streets, I think. And she’s just shaking her head, saying, “Nobody know when trouble come.” What a mouthful; that’s saying an awful lot. We don’t know what’s around the corner, but we do know there’s something, the magnitude of which will only be realized when it comes to visit. And so this is what we planned for, this is what we prepare for. This is what we tell our clients. Whatever may happen in the future, you know you can count on this.

You produce a death certificate, your family produces that death certificate, this company will pay. And that’s our guarantee to them. And here’s the contract to prove it.

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