How trusting intuition generated referrals

MDRT members find success in different ways. There will always be best practices to follow. Sometimes, however, you may want to try an idea that doesn’t fit the template of what other advisors are doing. Because of that, they may not share your enthusiasm for an idea that your intuition tells you can work.

Terri E. Krueger, an MDRT member since 2014, was looking for a unique way to show client appreciation as well as attract referrals. Her idea was to have bags made with paintbrushes embroidered on them, which she felt would appeal to many of her clients who are artists. It wasn’t an idea everyone else warmed up to in her office, though.

Instincts pay off

“I second-guessed that idea in the beginning because of that,” said Krueger, a Court of the Table qualifier from Syracuse, New York. “When I finally trusted my intuition and went ahead with my idea, it worked. Clients loved the bags, and I received referrals from them. As my clients walked around with their bags, people would ask about the bags. Immediately, they would talk about their financial advisor who gave it to them. This gave clients a way to comfortably talk about their financial advisor to the people they know.”

Creating the bags was an idea Krueger had for years, but it wasn’t based on facts and numbers, only her intuition. Reading Isaac Lidsky’s “Eyes Wide Open” with her MDRT book club reassured Krueger about the importance of following her instincts. The book discusses the importance of using other senses besides eyesight in making decisions. Lidsky shares his journey of losing his vision while succeeding in both the legal and business worlds. He also spoke at the virtual 2020 MDRT EDGE meeting.

The discussion about the book with other MDRT members, as well as a virtual visit by Lidsky to Krueger’s book club, gave Krueger valuable feedback and increased her confidence in her ideas.

Terri Krueger

Watch a discussion with Krueger and other book club members in “Expand your perspective.

“Sharing those ideas, breaking down the facts and then going right back to trusting my intuition was a wonderful use of this book and my time with the book club,” Krueger said. “And I truly enjoyed reading the book!”

Benefits of MDRT book clubs

Meeting virtually approximately every six to eight weeks, book club members discuss how a book’s message is relevant to their personal or professional lives as well as the actions they will take going forward. Join a member-run virtual book club and connect with a knowledgeable group of MDRT members from the United States and Canada by going to For MDRT members in other countries, consider starting a regional book club.

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