3 ideas to make a lasting impression on clients

Try these three ideas to increase your business and calm your mind.

Asking for referrals

I ask my clients, “Are you satisfied with how I handle your policies?” If the client answers yes, I’ll reply, “I am glad you are satisfied with my services; I was afraid that you were not satisfied because you have not referred me to your relatives and friends.” Clients then tend to give contact details of their friends and relatives. If the client answers no, I will ask them which areas they are not satisfied with so I can improve my services.
—Sherry Lee Ong, Manila, Philippines, 10-year MDRT member

Leverage yourself

To have continued growth and success, it is important to leverage yourself, either through partnering, teaming or increasing staff. Focus on what comes naturally, and do that fully, then reach out to those who can assist in other areas. This will help you achieve heightened success and an added purpose. You will also be helping them in the process.
—Eugene G. Bozzi, LUTCF, Egg Harbor Twp, New Jersey, USA, 15-year MDRT member

Brain dumping

How do you calm your mind? One tactic you can use is something we call “brain dumping.” Have a piece of paper or a notepad at the bedside so that the next time you have thoughts that come up, jot them down. Releasing those thoughts allows your brain to let them go. Then you are able to get into deeper levels of non-REM sleep, where restoration occurs, where the neurons and nerve fibers are regenerated, and you get that mental rest you so desperately needed.
Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith, 2021 MDRT Annual Meeting Virtual Event speaker

These ideas are from “12 ideas to make a lasting impression on clients” in January/February 2022 Round the Table.

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