Make sure prospects understand the value of insurance

To describe a case he could never forget, Josusmar Sousa rewinds more than 30 years. A doctor declined Sousa’s offer of life insurance, but the 10-year MDRT member from Sao Paulo, Brazil did not stop there.

“It was so hard for me, so I asked him to write a letter to acknowledge that I had offered a plan to protect his family and that he was leaving them unprotected/exposed – that it was his fault, and not mine,” he said. “So he said, ‘I will get the insurance.’ He did, and one year later he passed away because of a car accident.

“When I took the benefit check to his wife, who was not aware of the insurance, she told her little children playing in the living room, ‘He loved us. This check will provide us with the means for health care, food and the dignity of a family.’ I realized how important my profession was, that I can change the future of a family and make sure that its legacy goes on. The most interesting point of this story is that one of those kids on the living room floor, who was 8 years old at the time, recently told me, ‘Thanks to that check you brought to my mom, I managed to carry on with life and become a doctor.’”

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