My trick to making things simple for clients

I’ve always liked to make things simple using a conceptual connection with the client’s point of view. I would label that as conceptual selling. Using illustrations, word pictures, parables and stories to communicate and create an emotional connection with clients is something I’ve discovered I’m really good at. So when it continues to be effective and I get a higher connection factor, I continue to use it over and over. I even apply this view when I share and/or mentor with junior advisors; they like that simplicity. So using conceptual selling is certainly a big thing that’s made a big difference for me.

I use navigational themes a lot. As I meet clients, I often share that I see myself as a navigator and they’re the ship owner. And so I help them on the journey. I think navigators and ship owners should talk from time to time. I talk about the concept of potential recession as the storm over the horizon. Do we want to leave the sails up or take some of the sails down or all of the sails down?

The navigational themes seem to really help people understand what’s going on. Even using the example of a ship in the context of me working with them, helping them to steer towards their goals, has helped time and time again.

David Meszaros, CFP, is a 15-year MDRT member from Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada. Hear more in the MDRT Podcast:

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