MDRT video favorites: Connect better with clients

Just as there are many types of clients, there are many ways financial advisors can work and communicate with their clients to build engagement. MDRT members from around the world share what’s working for them in these videos, which were viewers’ favorites on MDRT’s YouTube channel so far this year.

Learn more about branding, explaining complicated topics and referrals in these top three videos.

4 ways to find more clients

When you build a referral system, you build a growing business. Find out how a Top of the Table member describes the four types of referral systems she uses to keep her business thriving.

Bring clarity by explaining complicated topics

Clients who are bored or confused aren’t likely to buy. Just as it’s difficult to understand a doctor’s diagnosis and follow their treatment plan if they use a lot of jargon, clients also will struggle to follow your advice if you overwhelm them with jargon. Watch this video from top MDRT members to understand how you can more effectively talk with your clients.

Attract more clients by building a personal brand

Personal branding differentiates you from other financial advisors. It contributes to earning your clients’ trust and their business. When you’re authentic and relatable, people want to build relationships with you.

To see more favorite ideas from MDRT members worldwide, visit MDRT’s YouTube channel and subscribe to take your career as a financial advisor and insurance agent to the next level.

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