Are you missing out on millennial clients by not making the best use of technology?

Eighty-five percent of millennials are not familiar with the insurance industry, according to a global study, and 65% think it’s an old-fashioned profession lacking innovation and technology.

Is it any wonder then if you ask a millennial to come to your office or suggest going to the millennial’s home to give a presentation, chances are low they will accept? But if you ask the millennial to click on a link and connect so you can explain in 10 minutes how you can help, from the ease and safety of their home or office, your chances rise dramatically they will talk with you.

You can also use video calls for servicing existing clients, handling claims or explaining new products, at least to the ones who are fond of using technology.

The power of technology

Technology gives us amazing tools to find solutions in every aspect of our profession. We can leverage the immense power of the internet to be more powerful, more effective, more productive in order to attract millennials — and all tech-savvy consumers — as clients.

I hold 70% of my meetings via digital tools, and, as a result, I can make 10 times more appointments than in the past and continue working no matter where I am in the world.

Adapt and fly

There is a whole new world of opportunities in prospecting and approaching new clients through technology. However, to achieve that, we must speak in their language because they are digital natives. They were born into technology. We have to be where our clients are, and we have to be where our future clients will be. 

They say, “Adapt or die.” We say, “Adapt and fly!” We of MDRT must be the pioneers and the innovators. We just have to dare to start, and we can be game changers for our industry!

Panagiotis Leledakis, LUTCF, is a two-year MDRT member from Athens, Greece. This was excerpted from Leledakis’ MDRT Speaks presentation.

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