3 ideas for finding more clients

Try out these ideas from MDRT members around the world to keep your pipeline of clients flowing.

Prospecting tool
I use a service called Copilot AI for automated digital prospecting through LinkedIn. In addition to finding and engaging leads through automated email requests, it invites prospects to my page and sends them a link to my calendar if they would like to schedule a meeting.
Meredith Gail Langus, FSCP, LUTCF, White Plains, New York, USA, 11-year MDRT member

Making the most of seminars
Many advisors do client seminars to educate the community. Here are a few steps to digitize them to build more useful content. 

  1. Record the seminar with the consent of your partners. You may hire an assistant or external production company to edit your video and upload it to YouTube. These videos may include the full or short versions of key messages during your seminar.
  2. Transform the content into a few articles to incorporate in your email or newsletter outreach.
  3. Consolidate the content into main bullet points that can be transformed into easy-to-read infographics for social media posting.
  4. Create a brochure that includes an index of your seminar video, so viewers can find your content swiftly.
  5. Put all the above on your website so that your community can access information easily.

These tactics can serve as a touch point with your prospects and clients. With a series of seminars, you own endless content and can pick suitable segments to interact with the markets you target.
Chen Gifford, Hong Kong, China, 10-year MDRT member

Better client segmentation
Categorize your clients to fit your situation. The purpose of client classification is to analyze and grade them, so you can manage them more efficiently and provide them with more meaningful services. Classifying them by gender or age is not sufficient. A more effective way is to sort them by profession, market or region. Based on this classification, you can determine which ones are favorable to you, which ones need to be targeted, which ones you need to enhance your relationship with and which ones you can aim for a sale.
Byeong Hoon Choi, MBA, Seoul, Republic of Korea, 14-year MDRT member

These are excerpted from “12 ideas for better client meetings and seminars,” in the May/June 2023 Round the Table.

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