Creating more growth and fewer distractions

With seven advisors and six support staff in the office, Carrie Rae Mullins recognizes how essential it is to get some space – away from client meetings, operations questions and more – for strategic planning.

So since 2019 the three-year MDRT member from Tigard, Oregon, USA, and her business partner, Sara, have spent two days twice a year at a resort or hotel, utilizing a pre-made agenda and accomplishing as much as possible in their window of time. In fact, this approach in a neutral location provided the focus necessary to plan and launch their own independent practice.

“Our best planning has been when we have been able to separate ourselves from distractions and keep our planning and creative flow,” Mullins said. “My brain is constantly running a million miles a minute, and I have appreciated so much these opportunities to just focus on important tasks at hand and be my best creative and strategic self!”

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