Motivate colleagues by holding yourself accountable

How do you keep your staff members motivated? For Adam Llewellyn Morse, CFP, a nine-year MDRT member from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, that means verbalizing the things he is going to do and giving team members a chance to articulate what they need him to do.

“As a business owner and leader of the team, it’s difficult to hold other staff members accountable when you’re not actually performing at a high level yourself,” he said. “So actually be accountable to the rest of your team and have them rely on you to get things done. That feeling of needing to stand up to the plate and lead the team by example is another way I motivate myself to get things done.”

Another part of team meetings that has been helpful for productivity is something called positive reflection. “It’s an opportunity on Monday morning for the whole team to talk about and recognize some things that happened in the last week. It might have been with clients, it might have been within the team, it might have been a new process that someone talked about where they’re really adding value and living the values of the business,” Morse said. “That’s just a really great way to kick off the week and hear about some of the great stuff that’s happening within the team, and encourage that sort of behavior.”

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