The power of virtual lunch-and-learns and cookie deliveries

I always say we need to over-communicate with our clients, and that’s especially true during bad times.

We’ve done virtual lunch-and-learns for our clients. We invite them all to come. The lunch part of it is we have a local restaurant deliver food to their home or their business, and in theory, we’re all having lunch together while we do a presentation.

Those are super successful; our clients seem to like those. And after they’ve been on a couple of them, they love to invite their friends or family to attend. So it is a great way of continuing to communicate and get your information out there as well. I think they just want to have lunch with somebody. Even me! They’re tired of being stuck at home, and it’s just a way for them to get some information and be able to see somebody new as well. 

We also have a local cookie shop that has great cookies. Everybody knows who they are, and we find a reason to send people four cookies.

They’re big, big cookies. So when I say four, keep in mind, there’s a lot to share. But we find reasons to send cookies to somebody — maybe just to brighten up their day or for a new business that they sent our way.

It’s inexpensive, and it goes gangbusters, especially for your birthday. You’re going to get a box of cookies from us just for the fact that it’s your birthday. And we know that nobody’s coming over anymore to celebrate your birthday. You’re not blowing out candles. So what better way than to send a box of cookies to someone’s house and they can have it with their families?

It’s worked amazingly. It’s led to a number of introductions. We didn’t do it to get more clients out of it. And I think that’s the key is, if you’re doing something to get more clients, it probably isn’t going to work. If you do it because you’re sincere and you want to get information out there, it’s right.

Brad J. Myers is an 18-year MDRT member from South Jordan, Utah. Hear more in the MDRT Podcast:

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