Appropriate procedures when invited to a client event 

If you ever get invited to a client’s personal event, one thing you want to do is check with your client and say, “I appreciate this; I’m looking forward to the event. Some people may ask me how I know you. Is it OK if I tell them I’m your financial advisor?” While some may want to stay more private, most people will say, “Yes, sure. Of course.” First of all, that’s good, because now if someone asks you how you know them, you have permission to mention that. But also, what you can now do is ask other people, “How do you know Mr. and Mrs. Smith?” They’ll tell you, and then they will turn and say, “How do you know them?” And that then gives you permission to mention the relationship there.  

You’re not at an event like that to prospect, so please don’t think about that. However, you can meet people, and then you go back to the Smiths and say, “I had a great conversation with George and Martha Washington. Can we talk about a more formal introduction, or how would you feel if I reached out to them?” Those are great opportunities to meet people. You have to be a little careful, but you certainly want to do it.  

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