3 quick ideas to increase productivity and sales

To streamline your sales cycle, try these ideas from MDRT members around the world.

A compelling future

Go away from the old sales techniques and embrace the future of our industry by using lifetime cash flow forecasting, life planning and discretionary investment management to create a more compelling future for your clients.

—Charlie Reading, APFS, Rutland, England, UK, 5-year MDRT member and Top of the Table member

Insurable interests

Before an appointment with a prospect, I like to arrive with information on their interests so I can determine what could be insurable for them. Once I know that, I can offer not only insurance but a solution to a potential future problem that could be solved with my advice. I tell them, “I also like to get involved in your business decisions so your business flourishes.”
—Adrian Fabricio Villarreal Alfaro, FSCP, CLI, San Pedro Garza Garcia, Mexico, 8-year MDRT member

Business seasons

Traditionally, we think of the workweek as Monday through Friday, 50 weeks a year. My success has partly come from thinking in terms of business seasons.

For example, most people are not in a buying frame of mind during the vacation season or right after tax-filing time, but late fall and early winter are prime times to discuss estate tax and retirement planning. During these peak times, I focus on proposals and closing cases. At off-peak times, I position myself for networking and gathering soft facts. What matters most is what you accomplish by December 31, not by Friday of each week.

By thinking in terms of seasons, I now have a sense of confidence and assurance that good prospects will take action when they are comfortable making a decision.

—Philip E. Harriman, CLU, ChFC, Falmouth, Maine, USA, 40-year MDRT member, Top of the Table member and 2007 MDRT President

These were excerpted from the article “Quick ideas to increase productivity and sales” [MDRT members only and available in multiple languages] from the March/April 2020 Round the Table.

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