Using a scorecard to enhance your referral process 

I was getting introductions, but they weren’t to the right people. So, I created a scorecard and gave it to all the people who refer introductions to me. This took me from being an MDRT qualifier to being a Top of the Table member. 

According to my criteria, the referrers had to achieve a certain number. That number was 21 out of 30 because there are six different areas marked 1 to 5. If they hit 21 or above, I would spend more time with the people who are doing those referrals because they are giving me the right types of introductions, and they’ve understood how to give me introductions. If they didn’t hit 21, I reduced the amount of time I was spending with them because I needed to allocate that extra time to spend with the people who were able to give me the really good introductions. 

Doing that quadrupled my business. All of a sudden, I’m spending more time with the people who I want the introductions from, which benefits my business and also makes them feel special. It particularly worked well for me in trying to get referral introductions from accountants and solicitors.  

The key part is to do it based on your own values, targets and goals. Make sure you really know what your right-fit client looks like.  

Tristan Karl Robert Hartey is an eight-year MDRT member from Chester, England. Hear more in the MDRT Podcast: 

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