Connect clients to the value of their policy by snapping a photo

When your client is signing their application form, quickly take a photo of them. Have it printed and attach it to their policy. Include this note: “Today, [today’s date], I have made an important decision to take care of the future of my spouse and kids. I trust that my agent, and their company, will fulfill their promise.”

In this way, you set your policy contract apart from all other contracts, because it has a deeper visual reminder of what life insurance all about. By printing the photo and including that note, the day your client signs the forms becomes more than just a business transaction — it becomes a life event. And when your client does not want to pay anymore, just show them a copy of the photo and say, “Remember, you promised!”

They say a picture paints a thousand words. This particular picture pays a $1 million, because one day that photo will transform into a check. It reminds the client of their love for their family, and it reminds you, the agent, to do your best for your clients.

Sherry Lee Ong is a 13-year member from Quezon City, Philippines. See more in her 2017 MDRT Annual Meeting presentation, which is below.

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