3 ways to build seamless client connections 

Try these quick ideas to connect with clients and make a difference in your business today.

What do you want?

When meeting with a new client, before you write anything in the fact-find, ask this question: “Mr./Ms. Prospect, what do you want?” The moment we ask prospects to dream or imagine an ideal outcome, we engage the right — or emotional/creative — side of their brain. First, what people want will always be greater than what they need. Second, to get a prospect to “yes,” we have to balance want and need: a desire to do something and the reason to do it. Connect those two things and you will get a commitment from every prospect.
Alessandro M. Forte, FPFS, London, England, 22-year member

Use bitmojis

We don’t send out birthday cards or greetings as a rule. We have found that to be a little disingenuous and prefer to be spontaneous. However, I have downloaded the bitmoji app, and since I have some distinguished features — curly, short hair and glasses — I send a random bitmoji greeting of myself for relevant occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, etc. It makes clients smile and laugh, and we know that a picture says more than any words we can come up with. Also, I don’t have to worry about what I’m wearing or putting on any makeup!
Esther Althaus, FChFP, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 7-year member

Graph it

Round the Table Cover

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It is a covert habit for our clients to open the profile of insurance planners who contacted them via KakaoTalk, Korea’s largest mobile messenger application. I filled my Kakao profile with a graph in video format that shows Korea’s population changes from 40 years ago to now. It’s a natural way to let them know they need to prepare for their old age. Then, when I actually meet them, I only have to awaken the need to provide for their future with some elaboration.

Ho Yeol Jeong, Seoul, South Korea, 7-year member



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