Unique ways to show clients your appreciation 

Most of us want our clients to know we care about them, their families, their experience with us and their general happiness. In my firm, that experience begins the moment you walk through our doors. Oils are diffused at our reception desk to immediately welcome the client’s senses. Lavender, peppermint, and sometimes cinnamon or eucalyptus are diffused. Each aroma is intended to help the client feel welcomed into the space. 

The focal point in our main foyer is a kitchenette, connecting those who enter to thoughts of home. Every light in the office, from the recessed lighting to the chandeliers, is an LED soft light ― no harsh clinical florescent lighting. Our paint colors are warm and soothing to the eye. A display of chocolate truffles sits on the reception desk and in every meeting area. A painted basket holds snack bars and additional candy. Our refrigerator is full of several different types of cold beverages, and we have a single-serve coffee station for hot chocolate, tea or coffee. Flavored syrups, powders, creams and sugars are carried into the meeting area so that clients can make their hot beverage any way they like it. 

Each new client receives a coffee mug that is filled with a chocolate-covered Oreo, a pen and a business card. Our logoed pens cost approximately $1 each, leaving clients with the impression that our pens are quality pens and so is the firm they chose to work with. Seemingly, everyone who receives one of our pens comes back to ask for another stating, “I love these pens. May I take another?” Our response is always “Absolutely, that’s what they are there for.” 

For one of our special events, we go to a local vineyard and make wine for our clients. The finished bottle has the company name and type of wine with my logo. The wine is placed in a cylinder-shaped wooden box cushioned by paper “grass” (in the same color as my logo) to support the bottle (and for presentation) and a couple of pieces of hard candy. Inside the container is a note describing how to care for the wine as it ages along with a message of appreciation. Clients have expressed how special they feel when receiving something personally made by me. The total cost is around $15; however, the gift appears to be worth far more. For smaller events, we offer specially made chocolate-covered pretzels and graham crackers, made by a local chocolatier, with our company logo painted on top of each piece. 

Although it may be overstated, it has not lost its meaning: People may forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel. Show your clients that you value them, and they are likely to return the favor. 

Terri E. Krueger is an eight-year MDRT member from Syracuse, New York, USA. Hear more ideas in MDRT Presents: 

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