2 ways to show you care and stand out to clients

We want to build lasting relationships with clients and let them know we care about them as individuals and their long-term well-being. We do that through personalized care, reminding them we’ll be there for them when they need us the most.

Recognizing what makes them unique

Our clients are unique to us, so when they come to our office, we add personal touches: We remember their favorite drinks and have that ready for them when they arrive for their appointments.

So they don’t forget what we’re working toward, there’s a photo wall in our office of our clients enjoying their lifestyles.

We also personalize our required Statements of Advice document. Although that document can cover more than 80 pages, the front is customized with photos of our clients’ dreams, interests and aspirations. We show it on the screen when they enter the room. It’s a great talking point, and they will realize how much we actually care and understand what makes them tick!

Ensuring the right outcome

We do whatever is needed to ensure the right outcome for clients — regardless of how profitable this may or may not be for the business. This creates another advocate for us, which is the lifeline of our business.

In 2012, we experienced a situation where an insurance company in Australia refused to pay our client, Marty, his $1.8 million critical illness benefit after he suffered a shocking accident and ended up a quadriplegic. On the day proceedings were to be filed in the supreme court, the company reinstated his coverage and Marty received nearly $2.3 million. This came after interest and additional benefits were applied, as we requested. Do you think Marty will ever forget about this? This is the value of advice in our profession that isn’t written about in any newspapers I’ve ever seen.

The longer we remain in this profession, the easier the positive outcomes for our clients become. Adding more value to our clients will repay us tenfold. More than anything, the sense of reward we feel as advisors when these wins come around is worth all the hard work.

In delivering a positive outcome for your clients, unsubscribe from the unwanted noise in the media and just see the people.

Brad Isaac, ADFS, from Abbotsford, Victoria, Australia, has been an MDRT member since 2009. See more from him in his 2018 Annual Meeting presentation “The clarity advantage.” (MDRT member exclusive)

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