Supercharge your marketing and have fun

Not every prospect becomes your client right away. Does that mean you should forget that person? For me, the answer is no. I’m a financial advisor for the long term so I can be patient — even if it takes years for a prospect to decide to do business with me. The key is to stay top of mind. I do this by sending gifts with witty, yet brief, marketing messages to them. This also builds relationships with existing clients, while setting me apart from other advisors. And it’s fun. 

Here are a few of the ideas — some of which I picked up at MDRT Annual Meetings over the years — that I’ve successfully used.

Teeing up

I’m not a golfer. I have many clients and friends, however, who love the sport. Every year, I send my golfing clients and prospects a dozen personalized golf balls with their names embossed on them. It may be one of the best gifts a golfer can receive. I’m so well-known for it that when one of my clients was teeing off with his personalized golf ball, his friend said, “So you know Ashok.”

I consider this a long-term investment. At $60 per dozen for the personalized golf balls, if you multiply it by 10 years, that’s $600. What is the probability that a person will do business with you during the next 10 years? It’s a very high probability that’s well worth $600.

I’m also a non-golfing member of one of the most prestigious golf clubs in Dubai. I get the names and references from the club. They become part of my prospect list. The return on this investment is a couple of thousandfolds.

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Measuring up

I send out measuring tape to prospects with the message, “Does your current financial advisor measure up to your expectations? Let us meet and give you a second opinion on your portfolio.”

Painting a brighter future

During the pandemic lockdown, my wife took up painting. This gave me an idea. I bought some paintbrushes and some paints, and sent them to prospects with the message, “Let’s paint a brighter retirement plan. Let’s paint a brighter future for your family.”

Think of good quality giveaway items, and come up with fun and memorable ideas so you’re unforgettable — and you’ll see your business grow!

 Ashok Sardana, of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, has been an MDRT member since 1987 and is a Top of the Table member. Read more ideas from Ashok and other MDRT members in “Your powers of persuasion.” [MDRT member exclusive]

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