Talk about your profession with the expertise of your hobby

People don’t buy what you say, said Van Mueller, LUTCF, they buy how you say it.

A lot of that comes from conviction and confidence, and Mueller, a 35-year MDRT member from Brookfield, Wisconsin, USA, has helped stammer-prone mentees improve their presentation skills by asking them about a hobby. If an advisor said he loves to golf, for example, Mueller then will ask the best part of his game.

“Oh, man, when I’m in the fairway, I can get it on the green every time,” they might say. “I can score with my short clubs. I can hit an eight iron 160 yards, but when I’m energized I can hit it 170.”

To which Mueller will respond, “Do you understand that you didn’t stutter one time telling me about your hobby? When you can do your profession as well as you can do your hobby, you will be one of the best insurance agents.”

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