A simple way to target your referrals 

One of the big things we do every year is review our process and look at who our ideal client is. Then we add 10% or 20% each year to what our ideal client looks like. Then we go about the process of targeting our top 50, top 100 clients when we’re asking for referrals.  

These top clients already know who our ideal client is, but we discuss these new numbers with them and maybe update our website to reflect this. We’re showing what an ideal client might look like. When we do our presentations with prospects and clients, we’ll include those numbers in there. If we’re doing a presentation to clients and there are guests coming along, we’ll then say, “X client has this amount in assets, this amount of money, and that number just goes up every year.” 

And because it’s going up, they then think, Well, that’s what they’re looking for because those are the numbers they’re using. 

Tristan Karl Robert Hartey is a seven-year MDRT member from Chester, England. Hear more in the MDRT Podcast: 

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